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Shaving 101

Favorite Shaving Products

The most frequently asked questions we receive are, "What is the best safety razor?" and "What is your favorite shaving brush?" We write reviews on many excellent products that are part of our daily shaving rotations. Unfortunately many of our favorite products are no longer available on the market today, so they don't qualify for a full product review on this site. This category provides the right venue for lists of our favorite traditional shaving products, since they are beloved and worth mentioning, even if they are not commonly available.

My Favorite Shaving Products

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Mike's Favorite Products

One of the things that love about wet shaving is the variety of quality products and accessories available. I have assembled a significant collection of shaving goods over the year, and am frequently asked which brush or razor I like best. Sometimes it is a difficult question to answer as I am always trying new things; however, there are certain products that stand out and that are worth highlighting as my favorites.


A Few of My Favorite Things

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A Few of Isaac's Favorites

I am primarily a straight razor shaver, but I also dabble in DE shaving. While about 99% of my brushes are badger, I also have a lovely boar. I have over thirty different aftershaves, but find myself using only a handful. This article will share why I use what I use.



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How can I keep a good sharp edge on my straight razor other then a basic stropping?

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