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Understanding Hair Grades of Badger Brushes

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When shopping for a shaving brush, one can quickly become confused with the different grades of shaving brushes on the market today. There are several types of brushes available, such as badger hair, boar bristle, and synthetics, but badger hair is by far the most ideal material for a shaving brush because of its natural water absorbing capability. Unfortunately for the newcomer to wet shaving, brush manufacturers do not have an industry standard in place that specifically defines grades of badger hair. The grade designations vary from one brand to the next, so it can be difficult to understand shaving brush quality and pricing. This article breaks down the basic classifications so that you can easily understand the different characteristics and benefits of various badger hair grades.


A Test in Patience: Teaching Your Teen to Shave

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Like many men, I had to learn how to shave on my own when I was a teenager. I clearly remember staring into the bathroom mirror with a can of cream in one hand and plastic razor in the other, having no idea what I was about to do. My son was 12 when we decided that he could no longer go to school with his wirey whiskers and lengthening sideburns. Introducing my son to shaving was a great father-son moment, and a good exercise in patience and communication for me. He is now 13 and shaves about once or twice a week under supervision. I'm proud that I was able to give him a positive introduction to a task that he can enjoy for the rest of his life.


The Facts on Brush Shedding

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Hair shedding – the phrase alone is enough to enrage a badger shaving brush owner. I recently contacted several of the most respected shaving brush manufacturers in the world and asked them about their return policies. This article offers some insight about normal vs. abnormal brush shedding and address common misunderstandings. Recognizing the causes of shedding can help you know when to contact your retailer and how to keep your shaving brush looking brand new for years.


Razor Restoration Tutorial: Using CA Finish

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For those of you who do not know, CA stands for Cyanoacrylate (aka Superglue). Most people usually don't think of Superglue as a finish for wood, but it works and works well as long as you do it properly. The finish is very popular with pen makers as it is easy to apply very thin, fast drying coats on a lathe when turning pen blanks. On something flat, like scales, it is more difficult to get a nice even finish. This article will give a brief tutorial on razor restoration using a CA finish.


Overlooked Nemesis: Hard Water

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I have always been focused on the quality of the product, and never much considered the influence of the quality of the water on my shave. While I never had problems with my shaves, certain products that I’ve read other people rave about never performed well for me.

Tired of the limescale buildup and dry skin that our family was experiencing, my wife and I invested in a Culligan water softener and carbon filter system. Aside from the obvious benefits in that my shower head is clean, my dishes aren’t murky, and my clothes are softer, I have better enjoyed my shaving products. Some products work really well, and some of my favorites work even better.

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