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Drying Makes the Difference

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The most important part of maintaining proper care of your brush is to dry it after shaving. Taking a few minutes to dry your shaving brush will not only maximize your investment in a quality badger brush by dramatically increasing its lifespan, but will maintain the shape and quality of your brush so that you can have an enjoyable shave day after day.


Essay #7: The Anatomy of The Simpson's Shaving Brush

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Some years ago, the great industrial management thinker J.M. Juran immortalized the elusive concept of quality as “fitness for use.” Juran believed that every manufactured article should satisfy an exacting standard of both quality and utility before being offered for sale. In reaching this standard, Juran worked backward in the product development process. First, the actual needs of the customer should be carefully studied and reliably identified. Then a product is carefully designed and constructed to satisfy those needs. As a devoted follower of Juran, I can assure you that he had little use for poor quality.


Essay #6: The Roberts Method and The Future of Wet Shaving

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There are currently before the court of world opinion, three distinct forms of shaving for men. The first entails the one commonly practiced by 98% of the United States. This, of course, is the “shave-in-a-can” method. I characterize this one as all “plastic, foam and noise.” This is the method preferred by that part of humanity who prefers microwave pizza to Thanksgiving dinner. For this group the daily scourge of razor burn appears to hold a strange, sado-masochistic attraction.


Shaving Blogs: Information Sources

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If you are looking for information on wet shaving, you'll find it online. There are many new blogs and forums that offer advice and product reviews. A newbie to wet shaving can find everything from shaving videos, demonstrations, restoration projects, and product discussions in various videos on these sites. Many of these sites, like Shaving 101, are personal sites, where men share their likes and dislikes of their favorite shaving products. And some blogs are parts of commercial sites that offer shaving product promotions and information about newly released products.

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Pick Your Poison: Soap or Cream?

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The sink counters of men who enjoy traditional wet shaving are usually cluttered with bowls and tubs of various shaving soaps and shaving creams. These products come in a variety of textures and fragrances, and it may be difficult to know which product to choose. This article helps explain the differences (besides the obvious) of soaps and creams so that you can have the most efficient and enjoyable morning shave.

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