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The Myths of Method Shaving

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Charles Roberts, the creator of Method Shaving and the Hydrolast brand, spent countless hours writing lengthy and in-depth documentation, which many critics argue makes the process too complicated, too time consuming, and too expensive. Most of these critics, however, have never tried the system and have encouraged a lot of skepticism and inaccurate assumptions. Set aside the lingo, documentation, and eccentric personalities, and you'll see that the basics of Method Shaving are straight forward and highly effective. This article addresses these assumptions and disproves common myths about Method Shaving.


Essay #7: The Anatomy of The Simpson's Shaving Brush

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Some years ago, the great industrial management thinker J.M. Juran immortalized the elusive concept of quality as “fitness for use.” Juran believed that every manufactured article should satisfy an exacting standard of both quality and utility before being offered for sale. In reaching this standard, Juran worked backward in the product development process. First, the actual needs of the customer should be carefully studied and reliably identified. Then a product is carefully designed and constructed to satisfy those needs. As a devoted follower of Juran, I can assure you that he had little use for poor quality.


Essay #6: The Roberts Method and The Future of Wet Shaving

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There are currently before the court of world opinion, three distinct forms of shaving for men. The first entails the one commonly practiced by 98% of the United States. This, of course, is the “shave-in-a-can” method. I characterize this one as all “plastic, foam and noise.” This is the method preferred by that part of humanity who prefers microwave pizza to Thanksgiving dinner. For this group the daily scourge of razor burn appears to hold a strange, sado-masochistic attraction.


Essay #5: Don't Fear the Double Edge

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In the year 1904, one of the most incredible inventions of the modern age appeared on the scene: the Gillette “Double Edge” safety razor. With the stroke of King Gillette’s distinctive ingenuity, centuries of vexatious shaving abruptly—and blessedly—came to an end. With the appearance of Mr. Gillette’s marvelous invention, the days of toilsome stropping, honing, and incessant blade warming were suddenly no more. No longer would millions of men be expected to stand in the queue at the local barbershop awaiting the next available pot of hot water and soap.  From now on, men would shave themselves in the privacy of their own bath—forever liberated from the daily barber and the flash of his dreaded “cutthroat” razor.


Essay #4: Shaving Closeness vs. Comfort: The Eternal Trade Off

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Every truly important question in shaving ultimately boils down to one fundamental question: comfort or closeness; which one will it be? It is in the successful and predictive reconciliation of these two decisive opposites that the perfect shave is to be found. Indeed, the eternally vexatious trade off between closeness and comfort is so crucial to the elaboration of the general “shaving problem” that I would like to some explore it in more detail. (Some commentators have remarked that my insistence on returning to the “shaving problem” in my writings is really a kind of non-sequitor. In their view I have already solved the problem and should move on to other, more grandiose, shaving projects. However, with millions of men in the world still suffering from “hot face” every morning, I hardly consider the “shaving problem” solved at all).

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