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Royal Traditions and British Excellence

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Millions of people around the world watched today as Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in a ceremony steeped in British tradition. The guests in Westminster Abbey were all dressed impeccably in their formal attire. Perhaps the groom used D.R. Harris or Truefitt & Hill in order to look his best? In order to go along with the mass media coverage of the day, this article takes a look at British traditions, but also how the Royal Family has influenced shaving history in the United Kingdom.


Shaving Lather: Too Dry, Too Wet, And Just Right

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One of the biggest challenges for new wet shavers is learning when your lather is right.  Many men spend years shaving with foam or gel from an aerosol can and never have to focus on actually creating lather for every shave.  While these products are convenient and take out the guess work, they are generally not good for the health of your skin and will never provide the benefits or enjoyment that one gets from traditional wet shaving with a brush.  This article takes a closer look at the three basic stages of shaving lather: too dry, too wet, and perfect.


Combat the Cold with Aftershave Balm

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The arrival of the winter season often poses a challenge for keeping your skin healthy.  As the temperatures and humidity drop, your morning shave can become more uncomfortable, leaving your face feeling rough and dry throughout the day.  One solution for this problem is simple: switch to using an aftershave balm instead of a splash.


Combinations of Superlathering

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One of the aspects of wet shaving that I enjoy the most is the continuous quest for new products, tips, and tricks to get a better shave today than yesterday. A while back I read online about a method one adventurous shaver used. Perhaps he was bored or for the sake of research just thought of mixing soap and cream together. He kindly shared it on the web and it forever changed the way I shave.


Tutorial: Creating Lather with the Load/Hydrate Technique

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Sometimes it is difficult to get a good, usable lather from a shaving soap or shaving cream, depending on the hardness of the water, floppiness of the brush, and properties of the product. Shaving 101 has published two articles that break down the building process step by step for two beloved, but challenging, products. Both Tabula Rasa and Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap are fantastic products that everyone should try at least once -- if not regularly. This article reiterates the "Load/Hydrate Technique" and offers instructions on building the perfect cushioning lather.

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