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Overlooked Nemesis: Hard Water

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I have always been focused on the quality of the product, and never much considered the influence of the quality of the water on my shave. While I never had problems with my shaves, certain products that I’ve read other people rave about never performed well for me.

Tired of the limescale buildup and dry skin that our family was experiencing, my wife and I invested in a Culligan water softener and carbon filter system. Aside from the obvious benefits in that my shower head is clean, my dishes aren’t murky, and my clothes are softer, I have better enjoyed my shaving products. Some products work really well, and some of my favorites work even better.


Shaving Blogs: Information Sources

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If you are looking for information on wet shaving, you'll find it online. There are many new blogs and forums that offer advice and product reviews. A newbie to wet shaving can find everything from shaving videos, demonstrations, restoration projects, and product discussions in various videos on these sites. Many of these sites, like Shaving 101, are personal sites, where men share their likes and dislikes of their favorite shaving products. And some blogs are parts of commercial sites that offer shaving product promotions and information about newly released products.

Last Updated ( Saturday, February 26, 2011 )

Pick Your Poison: Soap or Cream?

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The sink counters of men who enjoy traditional wet shaving are usually cluttered with bowls and tubs of various shaving soaps and shaving creams. These products come in a variety of textures and fragrances, and it may be difficult to know which product to choose. This article helps explain the differences (besides the obvious) of soaps and creams so that you can have the most efficient and enjoyable morning shave.

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