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Shaving Brush Basics

Drying Makes the Difference

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The most important part of maintaining proper care of your brush is to dry it after shaving. Taking a few minutes to dry your shaving brush will not only maximize your investment in a quality badger brush by dramatically increasing its lifespan, but will maintain the shape and quality of your brush so that you can have an enjoyable shave day after day.


A Q&A with Charles A. Roberts

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I have spent many hours discussing the shaving industry with Charles Roberts, the father of Method Shaving. This Q&A presents Mr. Roberts' philosophies on the characteristics of shaving brushes and the evolution of wet shaving.


Types of Shaving Brushes

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One of the most common questions we get from fellow wet shavers is, "What brush should I buy?" Having put together a collection of various sizes and grades of brushes, it becomes very clear that certain brushes are better suited for certain shaving applications than others. The first thing that needs to be established when choosing a brush is the type of use you need out of it. Do you prefer to shave with a hard soap, or a soft cream? What about new styles of shaving, such as Method Shaving? As convenient as it would be, the fact of the matter is there just really is not a "one size fits all" model shaving brush. Aside from personal preferences on the physical aesthetics of the brush such as size, handle material, and color, etc., there very distinct categories for different styles of brushes.

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