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Shaving 101 is designed to be a friendly and informative stop on the Web for those interested in traditional wet shaving. We don't simply write one-liners with links in typical blog fashion. Rather, we develop lengthy articles full of information, descriptions, and shaving photography. Our articles are meant to inspire our readers to try wet shaving if you haven't already, and if you're a seasoned veteran, then we hope we can help you expand your collection with quality products and offer tips to help you keep your razors and brushes looking brand new.

Our Q & A section offers some shorter articles to answer questions that we get from readers. If you have a question about shaving, please submit it and we will do our best to give you a thoughtful answer. We love to hear from you!

Mike Sandoval

Mike Sandoval was introduced to wetshaving in 2004. Like most men, Mike had considered shaving to be a daily chore, but he was interested in trying the traditional shaving products. Soon he found himself looking forward to shaving every morning. Over the years he has tried many brushes, razors, creams, soaps, and colognes, and most of the pictures on this site are products from Mike's own collection. He has made many good friends that share the same interest in luxury wetshaving, enjoying a fine cigar, and other hobbies. He always enjoys the opportunity to share his knowledge of wetshaving and offer advice to others so that they, too, can look forward to their morning routines.

Other Contributors

Over the years guest contributors have offered their wet shaving knowledge and reviews. They offer a wide variety of opinions and experiences about their favorite products and tips for shaving.


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