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D.R. Harris Pink Aftershave

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This D.R. Harris & Co. Pink aftershave is one of the most well known and respected aftershaves from the Britain. The unique characteristic about the Pink aftershave that makes it different from most splashes on the market is the very low content of alcohol. This aftershave was formualted particularly for men with sensitive skin that could not tolerate most aftershave splahes.  Applying the Pink aftershave after a cold splash is one of the most soothing feelings your face will ever feel. 

DR Harris Pink Aftershave

The scent is very light and pleasant rose, much more natural than others such as Trumper's Coral Skin Food.  After applying the face dries down nicely leaving the skin soothed and not too oily or dry.  The scent fades off rather quickly without leaving anything behind that will cause you to have to carefully select a complimenting fragrance.  I love that I can use this aftershave and pick any cologne from my collection.  This especially nice if you wear more delicately blended scents or single note fragrances such as Extract of Limes.

For a splash aftershave, this one has little to no burn at all.  It leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized. The low alcohol and perfume content make this very usable by anyone regardless of skin sensitivity.

It's a bit pricey at $35.00 a bottle, but like most quality splashes a little will go a long way.


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