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D.R. Harris Sandalwood Aftershave

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Alcohol-based aftershaves are always debated on whether or not they are good for your skin.  It wasn't until I started with straight razors that I really started to appreciate the soothing feeling that follows a good quality aftershave splash. In my search for the ultimate aftershave, I stumbled on to D.R. Harris’ Sandalwood Aftershave.

DR Harris Sandalwood Aftershave

The first thing I noticed on opening the bottle is the deep and warm fragrance of pure sandalwood.  Most sandalwood type fragrances are too often overblended with other scents or usually smell way too synthetic.  Real sandalwood is unique and hard to duplicate.  I've gone through several different brands’ interpretations of sandalwood and this one is what I consider to be the best. 

When splashed on there is the usual sting of an alcohol aftershave but the stings subsides quickly and my face is left with a great feel, not dry or irritated.  The scent did not fade quickly like other splashes, however.  This aftershave has fantastic staying power that will wear well in to the afternoon.  I recommend leaving a cologne out for the day and just wearing this.  The scent is warm, masculine, and perfect.  For $40 per bottle, I’ll never be without it. 

A must have for fans of Sandalwood fragrances.


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