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The Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm

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Your face takes a beating from stress, diet, and the elements, especially during the cold winter season. Using an aftershave balm helps to moisturize and heal freshly exfoliated skin that was exposed while shaving. The latest offering from the Bluebeards Revenge brand is designed to complete the ultimate shaving experience for "real men" with thick stubble. While the skull and crossbones symbol usually represents poison or treachery, The Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm bears the mark and actually helps to soothe and comfort.

The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving RangeThe Bluebeards Revenge Post Shave Balm comes packaged in a plastic container with a screw-on metal lid, which is embossed with the skull and crossbones complementing the Luxury Shaving Cream container. Between uses, the lid screws on tightly and keeps the product from drying out. The balm itself is a bit different from most other traditional aftershave balms that wet shavers are familiar with using. The consistency of the balm is more like a smooth cream rather than a runny lotion or liquid gel that is commonly seen from other manufacturers. While most aftershave balms pour from the bottle or have a pump dispenser, this one is dense enough that I could simply scoop the desired amount of product for application using my fingers.

The Post Shave Balm is formulated with well-known ingredients, such as aloe and witch hazel that soothe and heal the skin. The balm is free of alcohol and parabens, which have controversial reputations of causing serious skin damage. The formula for the Post Shave Balm also includes Decelerine that is designed to reduce the density of beard stubble over time. The fragrance of the balm is a masculine barbershop scent that is fresh and clean smelling with accents of mint that add a little something extra. This unique scent is also used in the shaving cream as well, which I was pleased to discover since I often enjoy my shaving cream and aftershave fragrances to match as closely as possible.

After shaving and thoroughly washing away any leftover soap or cream, I splashed my face with cold water and applied a small amount of Bluebeards Revenge in the same manner as any other aftershave. The smooth and creamy texture of the product allowed it to spread and absorb into the skin very easily and it instantly soothed any irritation and left my skin feeling cooled and refreshed. Despite the creamier texture of the balm, it does not leave the skin feeling greasy at all. After the balm dried down, my skin felt perfectly moisturized and ready to face the day. Since I rotate products regularly and rarely use the same brand more than once or twice a week, I cannot speak to whether or not the Decelerine additive really does reduce stubble density or not; however, its performance is impressive based purely on this balm’s healing and soothing capabilities.

The smooth and creamy texture of this aftershave balm makes it a welcomed addition to a market flooded with runny and greasy balms that clog pores and leave the skin feeling oily. A little of this balm goes a long way and 100 ml / 3.4 oz jar will easily last two or more months of daily use. It is available from The Shaving Shack for £9.99 ($16.00 USD) making it an economical option for a quality aftershave. Don't let the skull and crossbones keep you away – this product is another excellent offering from the "real men" behind the Bluebeards Revenge premium grooming range.

Note: The Bluebeards Revenge line of shaving products was rebranded Dreadnought for the U.S. market.

The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream
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