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Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm

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Read in your best movie trailer voice: “In a World where bay rum and alcohol collide, when your aftershave is sharp and spicy. One man and one woman will embark on a journey. A new brand will rise ... A bay rum balm will emerge. Traditional wetshaving will never be the same.” [Cue intense music: Bum bum bum bummm! and fade to black]. No, this is not the next Hollywood blockbuster, but it is an exciting product to the shaving market. This article reviews the Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm.

Oscar-Winning PerformanceWhen Chris and Lilian Paczewitz set out to create a new aftershave product, it became a year-long labor of love. They created the Gilbert Henry Company named after Chris’ father, Gilbert Henry Paczewitz, as a tribute to his integrity and because it inspired them to aim for a high standard for their products and service. Their flagship product was created to fill an obvious void in the shaving marketplace, a soothing aftershave balm that captures the traditional barbershop bay rum fragrance.

Bay rum is a popular fragrance for traditional shaving aftershaves, but it is typically found in splashes. The alcohol base of the splash usually brings out spicy and clove scents and it is usually a pronounced fragrance that can sometimes sting my nose. The Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm is a welcomed addition to the lineup of bay rum aftershaves because it offers an option that is alcohol free and paraben free. It has the rich components of a traditional bay rum fragrance, but with a softer delivery. The company describes it as “spicy but smooth, woodsy and slightly sweet bay rum fragrance.” The fragrance is noticeable, but it is soothing and wonderfully complements the nourishing feeling that the balm has had on my skin.

Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm with Aloe and Essential OilsAnother interesting difference about the Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm is that it is made of organic aloe juice, unlike most aftershave balms that are water based. This results in a thinner texture and allows it to spread lightly and easily across the skin. The natural healing properties of the aloe comforts and calms the skin and naturally replenishes healthy skin cells. The balm also contains organic coconut oil and vegetable glycerine to help moisturize the skin, and witch hazel and black willowbark extract help soothe skin and reduce redness. Neem oil was added for antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, and essential oils to create the unique fragrance. The best aftershaves will: (1) soothe the skin, (2) protect against infection from scrapes or cuts, and (3) moisturize the skin, and the Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm has achieved this trifecta that other balms should aspire to achieve.

The balm comes packaged in a white, frosted glass bottle with simple black lettering. The simplicity of the packaging makes it look modern and sophisticated. The bottle has a flow reducer on the top so it is easy to dispense, but I did not not have to worry about spilling too much out. With this product a little bit goes a long way, so the reducer kept me from using too much product and has ensured that the bottle will last a long time. 

If you are a wetshaver who has avoided bay rum products because of the stinging sensation of alcohol then this is an excellent product that will let you experience the classic bay rum barbershop scent. It is available directly from the Gilbert Henry Company for $29 for a 4 oz bottle. This is expensive compared to other bay rum aftershaves, but this product is different from others in the market because the ingredients are high quality and it delivers a soothing balm. The Gilbert Henry Bay Rum Aftershave Balm has given me an Oscar-winning performance every time.

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