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Musgo Real Classic Aftershave

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Musgo Real is one a well known traditional brand from Portugal that has been around for many years.  Their products are priced very reasonably and easily perform on par with other traditional shaving products twice the retail price.

Musgo Real Classic AftershaveMusgo Real Classic Aftershave is one of my current favorite aftershave splashes, especially during the summer months when I opt to use a splash instead of balm type aftershaves.  Many alcohol based aftershave splashes have a tendency to dry the skin.  The Musgo Real formulation leaves the skin feeling well soothed and has a small amount of glycerin that provides a very relieving and moisturizing effect.  The alcohol is noticeable however the stinging sensation is not unbearable and goes away quickly. 

The scent of Musgo Real is a classic blend of patchouli and vetiver that is very refreshing and has a high enough concentration to last on the skin for several hours.  While I find the scent very pleasing, I would not recommend this to those who are not fond of heavier scented products.

Musgo Real Classic Aftershave is priced very well at $22.00 retail.


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