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Merkur Slant Bar Heavy Duty Razor

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The Merkur Slant Bar Heavy Duty Razor has a mixed reputation. Some claim that it provides the closest shave possible, while others say it is pure evil. Many experienced wet shavers consider the Slant to be a double edge razor that can achieve results similar to a straight razor. The slicing action of the Slant Bar is significantly more aggressive than a standard safety razor — and this article explores the pros and cons.


Parker 98R Safety Razor

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Two years ago I tested the Parker 91R and gave it a less-than-favorable review. The obvious flaws in craftsmanship led me to steer clear of Parker razors for a while. Despite my negative comments, Parker has continued to gain in popularity among shavers, particularly those looking for affordable alternatives to German-made safety razors. I'm open-minded and I don't carry a grudge; I'm giving Parker another chance.


Feather All Stainless Razor

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The new Feather All Stainless safety razor is probably the most beautifully crafted razor I have ever seen. Quality is nothing new for Feather, the Japanese favorite famous for its Hi Stainless double edge blades and the Artist Club disposable straight razor system. These are among the highest quality and quite possibly the sharpest instruments that any shaver will ever encounter. Feather's newest razor breaks the mold of traditional double edge safety razors and raises the bar for design, cutting angle, packaging, and -- of course -- price.


The PILS DE Razor

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One of the more talked-about razors to come around in a long time, the PILS DE razor has sparked a lot of questions, mostly concerning the incredible price unseen in a long time. Is it worth it? What does it feel like? Does it shave well? Ken, have you gone off your medication again? All these questions will be answered! (Except maybe that last one.)


Muhle R89 Safety Razor

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The Mühle company from Germany has a long-standing reputation for producing quality shaving brushes and other shaving accessories. In 2009 they introduced a newly redesigned double edge safety razor, the R89. I used the Mühle R89 for a while and evaluated its construction and performance side by side with some of the other popular razors available on the market.

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