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Side by Side: EJ DE89L and Merkur 34C

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Two of the leading double-edge safety razors have a lot in common. First, they are both well made with respected manufacturing and quality control processes by fine European companies. Both are widely available from many shaving retailers and stockists. Finally, they are both reasonably priced so that they are attractive to new and experienced wet shavers alike. However, there are many differences between the Edwin Jagger DE89L and the Merkur 34C Heavy Duty, from the overall design style of the razors to the dimensions and assembly. This article offers a side-by-side look at these high-quality and popular safety razors.


iKon Bulldog Safety Razor

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Because of its luster and durability, the shaving industry has been using stainless steel for decades. Razor blades made the transition from carbon steel to stainless in 1965, and there are many quality straight razor designs in the material. Manufacturers of double-edge safety razors have also transitioned to stainless and have produced a few models that have taken the industry by storm. While most safety razors are metal with a finish overlay, this class of razor is made entirely of stainless steel, which does not flake, peel, wear down, or rust like other metals. More importantly, the new class of stainless steel safety razors is considered by many to be the best constructed shaving instruments available.  The quality of these razors makes them a pleasure to use and the iKon Bulldog Safety Razor is no exception.


Parker 94R Safety Razor

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Over the past few years, I have sampled several different models of Parker Safety Razor products, and in that time have seen significant improvement in the craftsmanship and design of the brand.  One thing that had always remained consistent with Parker razors was the long-handle design.  Parker recently introduced two new models that take a departure from their normal size format, featuring a traditional short handle instead. This article takes a closer look at one of them, the Parker 94R Safety Razor.


Gillette Slim Adjustable Safety Razor Brought Back to Life

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Vintage razors, such as Gillette Adjustable, SuperSpeed, and Aristocrat, are some of the most popular collectable razors among traditional wet shavers. You can find these vintage safety razors in various antique stores, flea markets, and online auctions; however, finding one in mint condition is very rare. In addition, the increased popularity of double edge shaving has increased the price of quality vintage pieces to a significant premium.  Fortunately, there is a way to obtain a beautiful vintage razor without breaking the bank.


Merkur 1904 Classic Safety Razor

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With the exception of the modern design razors, such as the Futur and Vision, most Merkur razors are recognized by their utilitarian, practical designs and knurled handles. The Merkur 1904 Classic safety razor is a departure from the standard. Inspired by the original design of the first Gillette safety razor produced in 1904, this modern safety razor is an example of precision German engineering with a classic antique appeal.

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