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The Bluebeards Revenge Corsair Shaving Brush

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Following the successful launch of their breakthrough shaving cream, the guys at The Shaving Shack have added an assortment of accessories to their Bluebeards Revenge product line.  After I reluctantly tested the Luxury Shaving Cream and was blown away by its performance, I was anxious to see if the other shaving products bearing the distinctive skull and crossbones logo would be equally as impressive.  This article takes a look at the Corsair Super Badger Shaving brush, the premium badger brush of the Bluebeards Revenge product range.


Rooney Heritage Stubby 2XL

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With around 20 shaving brushes in my collection, I don't often become excited about using or obtaining brushes anymore. This was, of course, until I happened to come across a stunning specimen of a shaving brush offered by Rooney.  The Heritage “Stubby” XL series has been released under a Limited Edition run with three different sizes: 1XL, 2XL, and 3XL. Both the 1XL and 2XL have found their way into my rotation, and the 3XL may follow soon. The 2XL is like no other brush I have owned and its performance is definitely second to none.


Edwin Jagger Extra Large Silvertip

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From its manufacturing location in Sheffield, England, Edwin Jagger produces a wide range of contemporary as well as traditional hardware, such as brushes, razors, and stands.  Neil Jagger named the company after his grandfather, Edwin, and the family-run business prides itself on its craftsmanship and quality. Although it is a young company (est. in 1988), Edwin Jagger is a popular brand for wet shavers around the globe.  With exceptional products like the Edwin Jagger Extra Large Silvertip brush, this is no surprise. This shaving brush is -- in one word -- perfect.


Kent BK4 Shaving Brush

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G.B. Kent & Sons was first issued a Royal Warrant by King George III and boasts an unbroken tradition of quality by the granting of Royal Warrants for nine reigns. The BK series comprises some of the highest quality silvertip brushes available anywhere in the world. I have shaved with Kent brushes before, but the BK4's felt-lined red presentation case packed a few surprises.


Simpsons Tulip 2 (T2) Two Band

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When the news broke that Vulfix had sourced the fabled two-band badger hair and that they were releasing several sizes with this luxurious hair, I had to be one of the first ones to get my hands on one.  I called Lee from and was very fortunate to grab one from the first batch.  Very lucky, because they sold out so fast once the news broke that many people were left disappointed. 

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