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Simpsons Duke 2 Best Badger Shaving Brush

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My search for a smaller shaving brush to use with soaps finally led me to this little beauty.  I wanted something with a dense and stiff hair exclusively for using with hard soaps. After a little hunting around, I found this Simpsons brush at a price I could not refuse.  I purchased it from a gent who had only used it a half dozen or so times, and I was happy that it arrived in brand new condition.

Simpsons Duke 2At first look, the Duke 2 is a little small.  It stands 3.5" high, but has a great balance to it and definitely fits the bill for densely packed hair.  The Best badger is nice and soft, and nothing short of luxurious.  My only concern was how well something this small would work for me as I'm used to bigger brushes.  A few swirls in my Tabac bowl put these concerns to rest right away.

This little brush is terrific!  It loaded up quickly with Tabac and lathered directly on my face amazingly well.  It held enough lather for three passes with no problem. The brush did not shed a  single badger hair. 

Overall this is an awesome little workhorse brush.  Don't let the size fool you.



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