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The Art of Shaving Lavender Shaving Cream

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In 2004 I was on a routine visit to a local cigar lounge that specializes in high-end collectables and luxury items.  The tobacconist told me about a new line of men's grooming products by The Art of Shaving that was now being offered. I went home and told my wife about the products and the benefits of wet shaving that were explained to me. For Valentine's Day, she surprised me with the lavender starter kit that comprised The Art of Shaving cream, pre-shave oil, aftershave balm, and a small pure badger shaving brush.  The Art of Shaving Lavender Shaving Cream was my first traditional shaving cream, but do I still use it today?


James Bronnley Shaving Cream

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While most wet shavers are familiar with the popular British brands, such as Geo. F. Trumper and D.R. Harris, there is a lesser known brand on the playing field. H.Bronnley & Co. Ltd was founded in 1884 by James Bronnley, an English soap maker with a quest to create the perfect soap. Today Bronnley offers a range of traditional soaps and toiletries, including its signature line of men's shaving products. James Bronnley Shaving Cream bears a Royal Warrant, so I figured if it was good enough for Her Majesty, The Queen, it was good enough for me.


Santa Maria Novella Crema da Barba

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Those who enjoy wet shaving are used to seeing historic products. Kent brushes were established in 1777, La Toja began in 1837, and Trumper and Coate's began in 1875. There is one brand, however, that predates them all: Around 1221, the Dominican monks at Santa Maria Novella began creating elixirs from rose water and vinegar. If you travel to Florence today, you can visit the Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, which is part museum, part boutique. The historic wooden doors open to dimly lit hallways and display cases, where you can find traditional products ranging from potpourri and candles, to herbal teas and ceramics, to bath and body products. Among them is Santa Maria Novella Crema da Barba, one of the oldest and finest shaving creams in the world.


The Bluebeards Revenge Luxury Shaving Cream

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My friends at The Shaving Shack have sent a few products for me to review over the past months. I knew they were asking people to try The Bluebeards Revenge Shaving Cream, and honestly I was dodging Nick's requests to try it. I prefer more traditional products and I was hesitant to try a cream that contains an ingredient that affects hair growth. One day a box arrived at my house with a tub of the new shaving cream, so I tried to pawn it off on Isaac to write this review, but he didn't want to use it either. I didn't want to look like a "bum fluff brigade member" to Nick, so I gave it a try. I was damn glad I did!


Coate's Tea Tree Limited Edition Shaving Cream

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The reintroduction of this legendary shaving cream created a lot of buzz and I was excited to give it a try. When Coate's was first taken off the market, many guys stockpiled tubs out of fear that they'd never see it again. It was widely considered one of the best shaving creams available. I was eager to see if it still reigned supreme.

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