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Cyril R. Salter Indian Sandalwood

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One of the "younger" shaving companies in England, Cyril R. Salter has been produced a range of shaving products since the 1940s. Their shaving creams are available in a wide range of traditional fragrances and offer a good value for the budget-conscious wet shaver. Since sandalwood is one of my favorite scents, I was happy to give theirs a try.


Feather Nanka Shaving Gel

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Feather is most known for their sharper-than-anything-else DE blades, and a close second is their "I can't believe they got even sharper" Artist Club Straight system. If you do some looking around, however, you can also find Feather produces shaving gel and aftershave products. Lather-less creams/gels get a bad rap and normally are outright shunned by most wet shavers. Most of the time they are right since they provide little protection, have funky smells and are just not that much fun to use. The Nanka gel from Feather is one of those times when the general rule does not apply. I am quite a fan of Nanka Shaving Gel and I'll tell you why.


Castle Forbes Lime Essential Oil Shave Cream

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In my previous reviews we had a look at Castle Forbes' offerings in the pre-shave and aftershave categories. What good are those though if you don’t have a shave cream to go with them?


Best-Kept Secret: Tabula Rasa

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One of the best-kept secrets in wet shaving is Tabula Rasa, a very unique shaving product that creates an incredible lather and great shave for all skin types. Its all-natural ingredients include mango and Shea butter, as well as a proprietary Swiss-made cosmetic agent called "Stimu-Tex" for treating dry and sensitive skin.

Although it's technically a shaving soap, the consistency of Tabula Rasa is more like a dense shaving cream. It comes packaged in a large, double-walled, plastic tub and has a very dense texture, something between a traditional cream and a soft putty-like soap. The unique texture of this product makes creating lather a greater challenge than traditional soft creams, which can be easily whipped into lather in a lathering bowl with a wet brush. I worked with this product for awhile before I finally found the best approach for creating a rich and thick lather.


Geo F. Trumper GFT Shaving Cream

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Geo. F. Trumper shaving creams are among the most well-known available on the market today. The newest addition to their lineup of traditional scented creams is GFT.  This cream is part of Trumper’s GFT category of products and very closely matches the scent of the cologne by the same name.  The scent is light and citrus with a very nice lemon note to it.  As far as the fragrance quality of the cream goes, this one is done very well.

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