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Derby Lavender Shaving Cream

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Derby shaving creams are a low cost cream fairly new to the market.  These are marketed by Derby, the producer of high quality double edge razor blades.  Recently I was browsing Lee's Razors website and I saw some tubes of this cream at a mere $3.50. I decided to be adventurous, especially given the price, and give these a try.

Derby LavenderDerby shaving cream is packaged in a plastic tube, not very attractive, but reasonable to for the price point. The cream itself is a nice, light consistency and it lathers up very easily.  My Duke 3 made a nice pile of lather within seconds.  I can imagine this cream would work quite well with any brush you put to it. 

Unfortunately I can't say I cared for the scent.  It is very artificial, and didn’t have the nice floral highlights that I would expect from a lavender scented product.  That being said, it's a $3.50 tube of cream, so I didn't expect to be blown away by the scent, which was fairly light.  While I only tried the lavender scent so far, I can imagine the other offerings are of similiar quality.

The shave is where this cream performs.  The lather is nice, moisturizing, and slick.  My blade glided right through it with ease leaving no irritation behind.  I can say for sure that the lifespan of the lather is good since I tested with the nice slow straight shave.  This cream isn't as luxurious as some of the high-end creams, but when it comes to the blade on skin part, it certainly gets the job done.

If you're looking for luxury and heavenly scents, stick to Trumper’s, Truefitt & Hill, or D.R. Harris.  If you are a budget minded shaver and looking for a low-cost, reliable cream that will get the job done, give this one a try.  At $3.50, it is not likely you will find a better value.



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