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Green Pond Sandalwood Shaving Cream

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What a pleasure it is for me to be able to review what it is hands down my favorite cream on the planet. I remember very well when I was talking shaving creams with my dear friend, Mike Sandoval, and he brought up the Green Pond sandalwood cream. I told him that I hadn’t tried it, and two days later there was a little box at my doorstep with a generous sample of this fantastic shaving cream and cigar or two. (That is what I call a package a la Mike.)

Green Pond SandalwoodThe Green Pond Sandalwood is made by D.R. Harris. It is a glycerine-based shaving cream that comes in a tub like the ones used by Taylor of Old Bond Street, which are some of the best containers out there.

As soon as I opened the container, a very strong yet super pleasant aroma filled up the bathroom. It was a very sophisticated scent, very manly yet refined. The fragrance is a mix of pine wood, tobacco, and leather with a very spicy version of sandalwood all wrapped up with a touch of talc powder. It is the opposite of those synthetic versions of sandalwood that smell very sweet. This scent is the exact same as the D.R. Harris sandalwood aftershave splash...identical.

The consistency of this cream is perfect. It is dense, but not hard like the other D.R. Harris shaving creams, so there was no need to mush it on the bottom of the cup before starting to lather. As soon as I began to lather, the cream mixed with the hot water killing the spiciness of the sandalwood and brought out the talc powder creating a very calming and comforting experience. It seems as though the water neutralizes the bite of this sandalwood making it less offensive for those who prefer not-so-in-your-face scents.

The lather is very rich and slick, and it explodes easily. It also stays very well with out drying out on the face. An almond-sized dollop of this shaving cream will feed a monster-size brush for more passes than you will ever need.

At a regular price of $19.75 per tub, the Green Pond Sandalwood Shaving Cream is an incredible deal. It out performs almost all other creams, even those that cost double the amount making it a steal. And talking about stealing -- a couple times a year the site holds sales in which you can get 2 of these beautiful tubs for $23. Yes you read that right...$11.50 a piece.

In addition, this shaving cream works extremely well for Superlathering. It is definitely my favorite cream to use, especially with shaving soaps like Tabac and L'Occitane Cade.

The Green Pond Sandalwood is the best shaving cream out there.



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