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Oliveology Shave Gel

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Just ask my mother and she’ll tell you that olive oil is the best product on earth. According to my mother, she can use it to remedy any problem from dry hair to stomach aches, and it’s true that olive oil is regarded as one of the best skin moisturizers. It is found in numerous cosmetics, such as soaps, shampoos, lotions and many others. For wet shavers, olive oil is commonly used as a primary ingredient in many pre-shave oils as well as in aftershave balms.  A new shaving product, Oliveology Shave Gel, takes this to heart and uses extra virgin organic olive oil to provide a surprisingly enjoyable shave.

Oliveology Shave GelI was introduced to Oliveology by David at Razor Blades and More, who asked me to try it out.  It is not a typical traditional shaving product, and I probably wouldn’t have noticed it on a retail shelf. Oliveology is packaged in a simple clear plastic bottle with a flip-top cap.  The gel itself is crystal clear in color and has a runny gel-like consistency.  When dispensed from the bottle, it is immediately noticeable that Oliveology is extremely slick and coats the skin very easily providing a very thin layer of product.  There is also no fragrance to this product, which combined with the crystal clear color, is a solid indication that the gel is formulated with pure ingredients.

Although I always look forward to my usual morning routine of selecting a brush, razor, and cream or soap from my collection, there are mornings when I wake up late or am in a hurry to get the kids to school on time.  Shaving on these days can often be a disaster if I do not have the time to do it properly.  While I have no intention of ever giving up my brush and razor, I decided to test Oliveology on one of these occasions and see if this clear and unscented gel really provides the results that it promises.  I was surprised to learn that it is much better than I expected.

The runny consistency of the gel pours easily from the flip-cap bottle and massages in to the skin quickly, creating a thin layer of lubricating protection for the shave.  The gel is a non-lathering product, so there was no need to take time to work it in the skin; I simply applied it uniformly and proceeded to shave.  The Oliveology gel did a surprisingly great job of allowing the double edge to track along the skin and cut very comfortably, which I did not expect on such a thin layer of product.  I found that it was necessary to reapply a small amount of product for subsequent passes; however, the overall amount used for the full shave was very little.  A dime-sized dab for each pass was more than sufficient.  After completing the shave, the gel rinsed away cleanly leaving my skin feeling very well moisturized with no oily residue or fragrance left behind.  The manufacturer states that rinsing the skin after shaving is not necessary since the gel provides such a good level of moisturization; however, I found that step useful to clear any remaining loose stubble left behind from the razor.

A Woman’s Perspective

My wife tried Oliveology on her legs and had this to say: “As a working mother of three children, I need a shaving product that allows me to shave as quickly as possible. Oliveology was terrific – there was no need to work up a lather, and it provided very good protection for my pivoting cartridge razor as I zoomed it across my legs. Best of all, the product was clear so I could easily see where hair remained instead of my shave-feel-shave-feel routine, which made shaving a lot faster. Also, because I shave my legs in the shower while I condition my hair, I already have the scents of shampoo, body wash, etc., so I really like that it is unscented. The best way to describe this product is easy and enjoyable. Note: It performs best in soft water.”

While I won’t give up my ritual of traditional wet shaving, Oliveology is a great product for those times when you just do not have the amount of time required to shave with a brush.  This gel would also make a good alternative product to use while traveling if you prefer to pack as lightly as possible and not risk losing an expensive brush or tub of cream while on the road.  In addition, Oliveology is a very affordable product. It is available in an 8 oz. bottle for only $12 USD, which is more than enough for several months of daily use.  It is also available in a convenient travel size 2 oz. bottle for $5.00 USD. Of course, if your wife plans on stealing yours, it may be helpful to have a couple of extra bottles on hand.




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