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Colonel Conk Bay Rum Shaving Soap

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When browsing online for traditional shaving soaps, many shoppers use the familiar “sort by price: low to high” product filter. Usually the first products to appear are from Colonel Conk, an American brand known for it's inexpensive and widely available product lines. For the price of one triple-milled shaving soap, a wet shaver can purchase eight glycerine soaps from Colonel Conk. The math seems straight forward, but this article takes a closer look.


Tabac Original Shaving Soap

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Introduced in 1959, Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz has long been considered by many to be a staple in men’s grooming products. This old-school brand is a household name in Germany, similar to Old Spice in the U.S. or La Toja in Spain. Tabac is well known as a traditional masculine brand that has been used by generations of men and remains very popular today. 


La Toja Shave Stick

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La Toja Shave Stick is named after the tiny La Toja island just west of Spain that is renowned throughout Europe for its therapeutic and healing thermal spring. La Toja has been making soap from the spa's mineral salts since early in the 20th Century and it is available in literally every supermarket and convenience store in Spain. The La Toja brand makes bath soaps and gels, shaving soap and cream, and aftershave splash and balm, which all range from $2 to $7. The original name for this famous soap is "Sales de La Toja," but I personally refer to this brand as the Spanish Proraso due to its affordability and availability.


Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Shaving Soap

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Geo. F. Trumper shaving soaps are familiar to virtually everyone who enjoys traditional wet shaving. Their shaving soaps have been produced in core fragrances, such as sandalwood, rose, and lime, until recently when they announced the introduction of Eucris to their line of shaving soaps. Because the Eucris Eau du Toilette is one of my favorite fragrances, I immediately called Lee at and asked him to send a bowl my way.


Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap

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Mitchell's Wool Fat (MWF) is one of the most talked about shaving soaps on the market, not only because of its unique moisturizing properties, but because there seems to be a lot of different experiences in getting it to lather properly. Some say they have no problems; others say it just won't lather. This article will introduce you to MWF if you haven't tried it, and hopefully help those that have difficulty lathering this amazing soap.

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