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Truefitt & Hill Luxury Shaving Soap

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Triple-milled type shaving soaps are considered by many to be the upper class category of shaving products.   Their less expensive, glycerin type soaps very rarely ever perform with the same quality that the best soaps that Trumpers, D.R. Harris, and other British firms produce.  Truefitt & Hill's Luxury Shaving soap is a fine example of what a high end, luxury class soap should be.


Geo. F. Trumper Rose Shaving Soap

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For the longest time I was turned off from rose scented shaving products. Many of the popular shaving creams had synthetic fragrances that were not enjoyable. When I began using traditional hard shaving soaps more frequently, I discovered that the rose scent of a shaving soap was more to my liking. Geo. F. Trumper’s Rose offering is among the best of the hard soaps I've used.


The Shave Den Lemongrass Shaving Soap

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This is one of the many melt-and-pour shaving soap offerings from The Shave Den.  Although the Shave Den soaps are known for containing too much Bentonite clay, I decided to give this one a try.

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