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Tabac Original Shaving Soap

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Introduced in 1959, Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz has long been considered by many to be a staple in men’s grooming products. This old-school brand is a household name in Germany, similar to Old Spice in the U.S. or La Toja in Spain. Tabac is well known as a traditional masculine brand that has been used by generations of men and remains very popular today. 

Tabac Shaving SoapTabac Shaving Soap is one of the most widely regarded soaps among traditional wet shavers.  The soap is presented in a classy white porcelain covered dish that securely holds the puck and prevents it from rotating around during lathering.  The dish is packaged in an attractive outer carton with a clear plastic window that displays the dish inside.  Out of the box, the soap inside is sealed with a gold foil that securely protects the soap and preserves the fragrance until opened. 

When I first opened the soap, it was immediately obvious that this is not a subtly scented product.  The fragrance of Tabac is very distinctive and the soap formulation maintains the signature scent of the Tabac Original Eau de Cologne.  The Tabac fragrance is a complex blend of musk, vetiver, and woods combined with floral accents that give the soap an overall aroma that is rich in character and reminiscent of fine leather and tobacco.  While the fragrance is very masculine and well done, its strength can be a bit overbearing to some and possibly be an issue for those with skin sensitive to heavily scented products. 

The texture of the soap is very firm, but does not feel as dry as some traditional milled soaps.  When lathering, the soap loads very easily into the brush and produces a very dense and creamy lather with very little effort.  No special techniques or consideration with brush types are necessary when using Tabac.  I have had great success with lathering this soap with almost any brush out of my collection provided it was not too large to lather easily in the porcelain dish.  Those who enjoy bold scented soaps will find that Tabac is great when lathering as the aroma from the soap quickly fills the room. 

During the shave, Tabac soap does an outstanding job of lubricating and protecting the skin.  The soap is especially popular among straight razor users, who need the added benefit of a quality soap that lathers well and remains stable on the face throughout the shave.  With both straight razors and safety razors the soap provides a protective lather that the blade glides along smoothly and comfortably.  The soap’s formula keeps the skin well hydrated and rinses away clean leaving behind a subtle fragrance on the skin that lingers for a while even after my face has dried completely.

While Tabac Original Shaving Soap is a very good shaving product and the fragrance has a very loyal following of fans, the strong aroma of the soap gets tiring if I use the soap too often.  I enjoy the scent, but over time it gets to be overbearing, and some men get headaches from the fragrance.  My skin does not have any problems with irritation; however, those with sensitive skin might do well to avoid this soap and stick to products that are more lightly scented.  For those that do like the scent, Tabac Shaving Soap is a great bargain.  The porcelain dish and large 4.4oz soap retails for $17 USD and the refill puck can be purchased without the bowl for only $12.




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