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Truefitt & Hill Luxury Shaving Soap

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Triple-milled type shaving soaps are considered by many to be the upper class category of shaving products.   Their less expensive, glycerin type soaps very rarely ever perform with the same quality that the best soaps that Trumpers, D.R. Harris, and other British firms produce.  Truefitt & Hill's Luxury Shaving soap is a fine example of what a high end, luxury class soap should be.

Truefitt & Hill Luxury SoapThis soap is presented in a beautiful hand-turned wooden shaving bowl.  The bowl is not really useful for containing the lather when working the brush on the soap, but this is typically normal for wood shaving bowls.  The soap itself is an all vegetal based formulation with a lavender essential oil added in.  The lavender scent is very light and pleasant, not at all offensive and is very well balanced.  A quality firm knotted brush works best when lathering this soap as triple-milled types are very hard bars and require a bit more agitation to load the brush properly for shaving.  The soap easily produces a generous amount of lather with a nice dense texture, very suitable for shaving with a double edge or straight razor and leaves your skin well moisturized after shaving.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who is a regular soap user.  This soap would also work very well for men who do not prefer heavily fragranced products.  At $42.00 retail, it is priced much higher than glycerin based soaps however, those who do not care to pay the additional cost for the wooden bowl can also purchase the refill puck for $18.00.  Despite the high cost, this soap is very hard in texture and will easily last several months of regular use.

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