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What safety razor is best for sensitive skin?

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In my experience, almost all new wetshavers believe that they have thick beards and sensitive skin. The truth is, however, that most men are in the middle and a medium aggressive razor, such as a 34C or DE89L, is the best place to start so that you can learn the proper angle and pressure to use when shaving. Also a new wetshaver can use these razors to experiment with different brands of blades because in these razors a Derby will be mild and a Feather will be sharp, so you can use these to learn where your beard type falls on the continuum. Those who are new to wet shaving should avoid adjustable razors because many men have a tendency to experiment with different dial positions and may end up in an endless cycle of confusion and skin irritation. Start with a quality fixed-head medium-aggressive razor and you will be surprised to see how your shave is more enjoyable. Learn more in Your First Razor.

For experienced wetshavers that have sensitive skin, there are many models that provide good results, including the medium aggressive fixed-head razors mentioned above. In addition, the stainless steel double-edge razors from iKon and Feather have small blade gaps that expose only a small amount of the blade’s edge. You could also try a quality adjustable safety razor, such as the Futur or Progress, on the lowest blade exposure settings.


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