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What does DE mean?

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The acronym "DE" stands for double edge, referring to razor blades that have two cutting edges, one on each side of the blade. Double edge blades mount into double edge safety razors, called "safety" because they are more forgiving than straight razors. King Camp Gillette created the modern safety razor in 1904, and it quickly became the most popular razor throughout most of the 20th century, until its usage fell to the wayside with the invention of disposable multiblade cartridge razors in the 1970s. Over the past decade, however, traditional wet shaving has seen an increase in popularity as many men have become frustrated with the high cost of disposable cartridges and the skin irritations they cause.  Learn more in The Benefits of Traditional Wet Shaving, which explores mass-market shaving vs. traditional wet shaving from a financial and personal perspective.


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