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Do people actually use the Wee Scot?

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Although the Wee Scot is tiny, its fan base is very large. This brush's ratio of loft height to knot diameter is comparable to Simpsons' popular Chubby model. This bristle density gives the brush a firm feel that works well for face lathering. It also allows for a cleaner shave, since you can put lather on an exact area of the face, without getting lather up your nose and down your chest. The small loft also means that you use less product while shaving, even though this brush is a quality brush that can create enough lather for a three-pass shave. Interestingly, the Wee Scot is the only brush produced by the company that is stamped with Alexander Simpson's own signature. The Wee Scot looks like a novelty shaving brush, but it is well loved by many men who use it on a daily basis.


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