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Shaving 101
How can I keep a good sharp edge on my straight razor other then a basic stropping?

London, ON


There are many ways to touch up the edge of your straight razor. First, instead of using your regular strop, get a separate strop and add an abrasive paste such as diamond paste or chromium oxide powder. You can also use a finishing hone to get your edge back. A barber's hone only takes about 5-10 strokes on lather or you can use a natural finishing stone, such as a Belgian coticule, and do 20-50 very light laps on water only. It is much easier to do a simple touch up at the first signs of a dulling edge instead of waiting and having to go much lower in a honing progression.


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I have been experiencing a lot of redness after my shaves. Do I need a more aggressive razor or a sharper blade?

Pearland, TX



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