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N o matter how close a shave I get, the base of the hair still shows on my face. Is there anything I can do to get that clean baby-face look?

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Proper preparation of the beard using a brush and warm lather will lift the hair and allow you to get the closest shave possible. For most men the only way to get that true baby-face look and feel is to do a final pass against the grain. In some cases, however, even if no stubble can be physically felt on your face, you can still see the roots of the hair visible, often referred to as a shadow. This is most common with men who have light skin color and dark hair, which contrasts heavily despite the close shave. Unfortunately for men that fall into this category, it is not possible to completely eliminate the shadow. One option is to try a product such as Bluebeards Revenge that has an agent to lighten hair growth or you could take a more drastic approach like laser hair removal. But there may be hope in your future: Sometimes as men get older the hair color starts to gray and creates less of a contrast against the skin.


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