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Would you suggest the same safety razors for beginner ladies as you would for men?

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Unfortunately, there is not a lot of traditional wetshaving information for women; however, I have received several emails over the years from women readers of Shaving 101, so I know that a good number of ladies out there have switched to using safety razors.

The main obstacle is getting accustomed to the pressure and angle of the razor as you shave. This can be more of a challenge for women than for men because of the larger area you are working with when it comes to leg shaving as well as the the difficult spots, such as the knee and ankle areas, where you also have limited view. Be sure to monitor your blade exposure that the blade is always at the proper angle despite changes in your skin's contours. The biggest mistake is shaving with a safety razor as though it were a pivoting cartridge razor. Learn more about this problem in the article, Technology's Curse: The Pivot Head.

I recommend the long handled Merkur 23C mentioned in my First Razor article because the size and weight are similar to the ladies' razors that Gillette produced many years ago. I know of other women that enjoy Merkur DEs and have even heard of a few that went as far as learning how to use a straight razor. Try a reputable brand like Merkur or iKon, and stick with a regular safety bar -- avoid open combs, slants, etc. Experiment with a blade sampler so that you can find what works for you. Hopefully with a little practice, you'll enjoy shaving with your safety razor and achieve great results.


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