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I just got into using a safety razor I have a Parker 22R. I'm looking for suggestions on soaps and creams for dealing with bumps.

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Razor bumps are usually more likely caused by a combination of your hair type and your shaving technique, rather the result of a soap or cream. Bumps are mostly commonly caused by curly hair that grows back in to the skin after you shave. The soaps or creams you use can contribute to your discomfort if they irritate your skin because the irritation will make you more susceptible to ingrowns. Most men who experience issues with bumps have the best results using fragrance-free or sensitive formula products, such as Tabula Rasa, TwinLuxe, or MWF. Also shaving against the grain causes irritation for many men. Although your shave might not feel as close to the touch, avoiding the against-the-grain passes will help greatly in keeping the hair slightly above the surface of the skin and less likely to curl under causing razor bumps.


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