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How do you know when you need a sharper blade?

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All razor blades are sharp enough for the task of cutting hair, but they vary in edge quality from one brand to the next. A blade that works well for you should glide smoothly over your skin and cut with no discomfort, burning, or scratching. If you feel tugging or pulling while trying to shave, it is likely that you need a sharper blade. Feather is known to be the sharpest blades on the market because of the platinum coating, precise angle of the edge, and the high quality of steel. Many men falsely believe that they need to use Feather blades to get the best shave; however, those with sensitive skin or lighter facial hair can experience issues with irritation from using blades that are too sharp. If you have swelling from irritation due to the friction of the blade on the skin or your aftershave burns your face excessively, your blade may be too sharp.


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