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Geo. F. Trumper Eucris Eau de Toilette

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It is not a secret that Mike loves Geo. F. Trumper's fragrances. He has many bottles lined up across his dressing area, but one special bottle stands out. Eucris has a unique black glass bottle and silver crown top, and it is immediately apparent that it is not just another cologne. I chose to add my $0.02 with this review because Eucris is worth talking about.

Trumper Eucris Eau de ToiletteEucris is one of the most unique scents on the market.  Its fragrance is masculine and refined. It doesn't matter if Mike is standing in his Guiness tshirt and camo shorts, if he's wearing Eucris and I close my eyes I picture him in his tux looking incredibly sexy. The base of the cologne is a rich blend of sandalwood and musk that makes up the core of the scent.  Accents of cumin and coriander are very dominant and give it a sophisticating and complex overall character.  The fragrance has great staying power and lasts all day long. 

It is $70 a bottle, which is average for a Trumper's cologne and a great price for this one. Some days Mike will ask me, "Do you like this scent?" and I usually reply, "Yeah, it's nice." However, on the days when he wears Eucris, I usually snuggle his neck a little longer.


Eucris Shaving Soap

Trumper shaving soaps have been produced in core fragrances, such as sandalwood, rose, and lime, until mid-2010 when they announced the introduction of Eucris to their line of shaving soaps. Because the Eucris Eau de Toilette is one of Mike's favorite fragrances, he immediately called Lee at and asked him to send a bowl his way. Check out his full review here: Eucris Shaving Soap.



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